Finding the right personal injury attorney can seem intimidating, especially if you have never employed one before. However, the activity is not as difficult as you may think. If you want to find the best lawyer to handle your lawsuit, use the following guidelines:


i)             Ask friends and relatives

Start by asking your friends, family members and colleagues if any of them has previously been involved in a lawsuit. Find out about their experience and if they would recommend the lawyer from they worked with. By doing this, you will be sure of employing someone who will win your case.


ii)            Use the Internet

Search the Internet for local attorneys who deal with personal injury lawsuits. Check their websites for their track record in dealing with cases similar to yours. Apart from this, go through the advice they provide. Stay away from lawyers whose websites contain a lot of advertisements and self-proclaimed endorsements such as "the leading", "the top", and "the best", which cannot be supported by facts or verified by trusted third parties.


iii)           Avoid business directories

Avoid the classifieds and business directories. Experienced lawyers don't do heavy advertising. Instead, they depend on their good work, positive word of mouth from previous clients and referrals from other lawyers to get new clients. When you have identified some potential personal injury attorneys, do a background search on them. Read to know more about these lawyers.


iv)           Third party verification

Make sure you seek third party verification of the attorney's reputation or the law firm you want to work with. You can do this by checking legal publications for positive and negative publicity concerning the attorney or the cases they handled before. You can also contact the local state bar offices or visit their website and find out if the attorney you want to hire has an outstanding reputation. On the website, you will find attorneys rated according to their legal ability and ethics. View website of the best lawyers near you.


v) Memberships to professional organizations

A good personal injury attorney should be actively involved with legal organizations in your area. The attorneys should not just as members but leaders who are familiar with the latest developments in your state. Apart from this, the lawyers should be at par with the latest personal injury laws.



When you have found an ideal attorney, organize a consultation meeting with them. Though some firms charge a consultation fee, most offer free consultation to potential clients. Since personal injuries are time-sensitive, the attorney should respond quickly to your request.